Personal Carts

A golf cart owned by a Sun City Mesquite Resident may be operated on the golf course under the following conditions:
  • Each private golf cart must be approved by and registered with Conestoga Golf Club and will be issued a registration sticker which will permit access to the golf course. Each Sun City Mesquite resident may register up to two carts.
  • All carts must have a standard body style similar to the Club’s fleet. All carts must maintain an appearance standard equal to or better than the fleet of carts available from the golf shop for use on the golf course. Private golf carts must be electrically powered. No gas carts will be allowed.
  • Approved suppliers for golf cars are: EZ Go, Western, Columbia, Club Car
  • Approved colors: neutral earth tones (preferred); Forest Green, Black, Dark Red, Blue
  • In order to be considered in keeping with acceptable Club standards, private golf carts shall not include excessive accessories (e.g. custom paint, patterned seat covers, radios or televisions, custom beverage coolers, stickers, flags, fringed canopies, etc.). Lift kits and 4-passenger carts or modifications are prohibited. Body paint colors are to be standard colors offered by manufacturer that are considered “basic and conservative”. A minimal amount of trim decal is acceptable and must be approved by the Head Golf Professional.
  • Residents must register carts with the State of Nevada and must submit proof of golf cart insurance with a minimum liability of $300,000 and naming Conestoga Golf Club, as “additional insured”. Proof of liability insurance must be submitted annually.
  • Only individuals who have a valid driver’s license may operate a golf cart on the grounds at Conestoga Golf Club.
  • No one will be permitted to drive on the golf course or golf cart paths without checking in at the golf shop and paying the appropriate fees.
  • It is the responsibility of the cart owner to comply with all state and local laws governing the use of private carts on roads within the Sun City Mesquite development or on public streets.
  • Private golf carts will not be stored at the golf course facilities. All golf carts must be driven (not on a trailer) to and from the golf course by the golf cart owner. When coming to or from their homes, golf cart owners must use the streets of the development and not the golf course cart paths.
  • Private golf carts may be subject to an inspection by an independent certified golf cart mechanic at the expense of the cart owner.
  • Conestoga Golf Club must supply all food and beverage on the golf course in compliance with State and local liquor laws and Clark County Health Department guidelines, no outside food and beverage is permitted on club property due to licensing restrictions.
  • Operation of private golf carts on the golf course are subject to all of the rules and regulations then applicable to rented carts, including rules regulating when carts must be restricted to the golf cart paths and the “90° rule”. Carts may NEVER be driven on turfed areas when frost exists. There is a limit of two carts per foursome allowed on the course so as to limit unnecessary turf damage.
  • For purposes of these rules, each marital partner shall be considered to be the “Owner” of any cart registered by either one of them.